The company “CuatroCuatros S.A de C.V.” and “Hipico CuatroCuatros S.A. de C.V” are committed to protecting your privacy, This Privacy Notice describes how we treat information that you provide us as a user of our services, how we collected it, what we do whit it and how we protect it In Our Web Side ( and our call center (646) 1746 789 Located in Free-Highway Tijuana-Ensenada Km. 89 Delegación del Sauzal, Municipio de Ensenada Baja California.

The following are some of the information that our company collects in order to provide the service that you request, also know your needs, preferences and services, and be able to offer you the best for your convenience. Also we use the information to provide you deal, and addressing complaints and suggestions.


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All your personal information that we receive through our Web Site and our Call Center is only going to be use to provide you; hosting services, follow your reservation, do surveys about our hired services. Also we will send you by email deals, discounts and additional services that we and our subsidiaries offer.


Your Personal Information will be processed according to the “Ley Federal de Protección de Datos Personales en Posesión de los Particulares y su Reglamento” Confidentiality is guaranteed and protected by administrative, technical and physical securities measures to prevent damages, loss, alteration, destruction, use, access or improper disclosure. Only authorized persons have acces to their data.

Data Transference:

Los Datos podrían ser transferidos a sociedades subsidiarias, filiales, afiliadas y controladoras del Responsable, dentro de territorio nacional o en el extranjero para los mismos fines citados.

Los datos personales únicamente podrán ser transferidos a terceros distintos de los mencionados en el párrafo anterior mediante: (i) consentimiento expreso, (ii) por resolución u orden de autoridad judicial o administrativa y (iii) cuando se trate de información personal que por disposición de un ley sea considerada pública.

Acceptance of Privacy Notification.

Your Personal Information could be transfer to subsidiaries and holding companies inside and outside national territory in order to apply the same objectives.
Personal Data may only be transferred to other when; (i) Consent. (II) Judicial or administrative resolution. (III) Personal Information is considered public by law.

Our Website and Call Center users can exercise their Access, Rectification, Cancelation and Opposition (ARCO) rights; also can imitated the use of their personal information sending and application to or to the Carretera Libre Tijuana-Ensenada Km. 89 Delegación del Sauzal, Municipio de Ensenada Baja California Zip Code. 22760, also; Circuito Bosques de Viena Street No.188 Bis, Municipio de Cuautitlán Izcalli, Estado de México. Zip Code .54766

Privacy Notice Changes.

Hípico Cuatrocuatros S.A. de C.V. y CuatroCuatros S.A. de C.V reserves the right to modify all or part of the terms and conditions of this Privacy Notice. We are going to notify about future changes, in order to give you the opportunity to agree or disagree the use of your Personal Information.

We suggest to visit constantly our Privacy Notice.

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You can contact us and (646) 1746 789 for any doubt or suggestion.