The wine

One of the main attractions of this project is of course the vineyards, located in different microclimates that create small valleys and slopes.

Nowadays there are 64,200 production grapes, equivalent to 40 acres. 82% representing the red grapes and 18% white grapes.

Our vineyards microclimate characteristics are unique to other wine producers in Ensenada. Primarily because of the close proximity of the ocean, which helps the climate become less effusive, allowing a longer time for the vegetation to mature.

We have fertile soil in the valley and stony hills, which provide our landscape as well as our unique produce.

The whole grape production is supervised by a prestigious oenologist. 60% cabernet sauvignon, 30% merlot, 5% Tempranillo, 5% cabernet franc, and 100% sauvignon blanc. Because of its proximity to the Pacific Ocean and Bahia Salsipuedes, the grapes grow at lower temperatures than most vinyards. This location has given a unique identity to our white wine in the region.